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NY Post Column on The Sports Gene and Thorny Issue of Race

I was surprised and pleased when I heard from geneticist Stephen M. Roth, director of the University of Maryland’s Functional Genomics Lab, that the New York Post had called him to discuss a column about The Sports Gene. I was even more excited to see that the writer of the column is Susannah Cahalan. Her book, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, is atop my Amazon wish list. In discussing the issue of race and sports, Cahalan astutely points out that we needn’t know which genes are important to a trait to prove that the trait itself is genetic. Most of the genes that account for variation in human height, for example, are still unknown due to the complexity of genetics, but studies of identical and fraternal twins, families, and entire populations have shown over and over that variance in height is at least 80% genetic. Take a look at Cahalan’s column here.

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