TED Talk: Are AThletes Really Getting Faster, Better, Stronger?

April 29th, 2014

TED arms extended

A few months after The Sports Gene came out, I got an e-mail from a member of TED’s speaker selection group. It asked whether I could discuss–in 18 minutes or less, of course–why athletes have gotten so much better far faster than the human gene pool could have changed. Having spent several years thinking about related questions as I worked on the book, I think they came to the right place. You can see the talk here, and I hope you’ll agree.

Me and Gladwell face off at MIT Sloan

Epstein and Gladwell at MIT

April 14th, 2014

It appears that shortly after my friend and ESPN writer Pablo S. Torre tweeted that he would “pay to see” me and Malcolm Gladwell debate the 10,000-hours rule, someone at the MIT business school decided that people should pay to see me and Malcolm Gladwell debate the 10,000-hours rule. Ok, so they actually paid for the entire Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which included Malcolm interviewing Adam Silver, the new commissioner of the NBA, but they did get to see us talk 10,000-hours and the threshold hypothesis and a number of other topics. You can check out the video here.